Home Fashion Color Trends - 2006/2007

The home fashion industry's love affair with color continues as consumers are discovering that color is the essence of self-expression in the home. Research indicates that product color evokes a strong emotional response from consumers and is a key factor in more than 60% of purchases.

o Neutrals are back but they are darker than before with an emphasis on all shades of brown. The newest focus is on browns, from light to dark, on honeyed shades like caramel. Black continues but primarily as an accent. Any color used with brown looks new. Look for lots of coral and brown, teal and brown with cream.

o Shades of blue are on the rise. The newest have been heavily influenced by green, starting with aqua, robin's egg, turquoise, darkening down to teal. Lighter teal-inspired shades are combined with brown as an alternative to the spa blue/chocolate schemes so prevalent last year.

o Purples are expanding again in importance. These are red-based purples that are dark, rich and sensual.

o Metallic bronze and gold are back in a big way. This is reinforced by the new importance of the honeyed neutrals.

o Oranges influence and often completely eclipse the entire red family that was dominant for so long. Look for warm Asian rose, coral, and curry, at the dark end. One of the dominant color schemes last year was pink, leaf green and white. Newer now is coral, turquoise and cream.

o Greens, in decline for so long, are coming back if influenced by yellow. A huge success at all of the markets was spruce green with a red-based brown, honey and cream.

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